I'm a solo game developer based in Scotland, working on games in my spare time.

My first release was Little Lives, which entered Early Access in February 2021.


Little Lives

Little Lives is a life-sim game that is currently in development. Balance your time between your career, education and relationships as you explore the town of Littleton.

It is currently available to purchase in Early Access on Steam.

Join our Discord to chat about the game and make suggestions: discord.gg/zHGCcyWSQB

Follow development on Twitter: twitter.com/littlelivesgame

  • Start in a hotel, save up to rent a cheap apartment, eventually stay in a luxury downtown loft
  • Eat and sleep regularly to maintain your health
  • Apply for a job and then work your way up the career ladder to become financially successful
  • Go to school and university to further your education and increase your stats
  • Decorate your apartment by buying items around town
  • Make friends and maintain your relationships
  • Day/night cycle, slightly wonky traffic simulation

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